Internet is the SPTC's Internet Gateway that connects Swaziland to the Internet Back bone in the UK. A backup link to Telkom South Africa is used to improve reliability and speed. Currently provides the following Internet services:

Dialup access

SPTC offers dial up accounts to all customers in Swaziland. All calls are charged at a local call rates. The access numbers are as follows: Mbabane - 860 1000, Manzini - 861 1000, Nhlangano - 865 1000 and Mbabane 864 1000. Since is connected to the Internet Backbone, customers able to browse at a high speed thus saving cost. Analogue dialups may be purchased in bulk or just a single account.

  • Analogue Single Account:

    This can be used by small businesses and residential customers. The cost of installation for each account is E119.00 and the monthly rental is E102.34. The monthly rental is incorporated in your monthly telephone bills.
  • Analogue Bulk accounts:

    Businesses and ISPs are able to purchase at least 10 dialup accounts at a wholesale rate. They have their own mail servers to host email messages for their employees or customers. Bulk accounts may be purchased by customers with Internet leased line connection.
  • ISDN Dial-Up Accounts:

    The ISDN services offer high speed dial up access compared to the analogue dialup. The main restriction to ISDN dialup is the availability of the ISDN services in the country. SPTC is making efforts to increase the ISDN network. ISDN dialups may also be purchased as a single account or in bulk.
  • ISDN Single Account:

    A single account may be used by businesses and residential customers. The customer should have an ISDN line. An NT1-IP is installed for customers with Internet access and the NT1-IP has an internal ISDN modem, i.e. the customer does not need to buy a modem.
  • ISDN Bulk Account:

    A minimum of five accounts may be purchased by customers with a leased line connection to These customers should have their own mail servers. The installation cost is E47.60 per account and E127.93 per month per account.
  • LAN Connection:

    LAN connections are used by businesses and ISPs to connect their Local Area Networks to the Internet through a dedicated link (leased line) or an ISDN dial on demand.
  • Leased Line Connection:

    The customer should apply for a leased line connection between and his/her premises. There should be a router in place, preferably a Cisco Router. The customer is assigned a block of 8 IP addresses for the network.

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